Monday, 19 May 2008

Playstation 3 Downloads

I myself have had this moment, it's frustrating it's irritating and you just can't stand it. Well like all other problems there just had to be a solution, I myself went through these phases in my epic quest of finding the perfect PS3 file sharing site (download site).

The first phase:

Like most other's first phases, searching the net for online sites where one can download unlimited free PS3 games. I was actually starting to believe it could work, until I started getting these weird pop-ups over and over again, I checked my Anti - Virus to find out that I had gotten quite a few spy wares and a huge lump of viruses. Some of the websites did have a few downloadable games, but very slow download speed, this was obviously not the kind of choice I had in mind.

The second phase:

I was getting sick and tired of joining all the sites with viruses and slow download speeds, I started to search for a bit more interesting sites witch you had to pay for to download, I thought that this sounded a bit more trust worthy site rather than the free once.

In my pursuit of happiness as I refer to it, I was actually starting to believe that there are a few sites that do give high speed downloadable games directly to your PS3. After completing a registration to one of the sites that I found, I saw something that scattered my pursuit of happiness: I needed to pay for every download I made; this is not acceptable, because the price was almost the same as the games in the local gaming shop.

The third phase:

At this point I was about ready to give up and just go and buy the games from the local gaming shop, and at the brink of destruction I found something rather interesting. This site,

Download the Games Online, witch allows you to download unlimited PS3 games, movies and music. This was too good to be true I thought, there has to be some catch. There was no catch at all. All I had to was to pay one monthly fee and I could have the power to download unlimited PS3 games, movies and music.

So I've summed it up for you like this:

You can search for free downloadable PS3 games, and end up with viruses, and very slow downloading speed.

You can search for websites where you have to pay to download, and pay hundreds of dollars to download 1-2 games, and a monthly fee OR!

You can join the best rated PS3 Downloading site on the web, and download unlimited PS3 Games, Movies and Music for just one monthly fee, with high quality downloading speed, and no viruses or spy ware at all.

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